Summer 23


Ted and his small team have been making hand-dipped candles since 1981, following a trip to Denmark in the 1970s

The team continue to use traditional techniques, working increasingly with beeswax and with a focus on environmentally low-impact production processes

The candles are made using natural beeswax sourced from UK beekeepers


Magdalena is a third generation beekeeper

Together with her husband and three children, she makes raw honey and hand-dipped candles with beeswax from their own hives


Devin makes small batches of hand-dipped candles with beeswax from her own hives across the South West

Each batch of beeswax is hand processed using traditional methods. The colour of the wax varies between batches as this is dependant on the staining that naturally occurs from the pollen that has been stored in the wax